“With his surprising vigour and commitment, Mr. U.K. Gupta has created new growth stories  in different industries through Holostik Group.”

Chairman’s Message

Since its inception – over the past four decades, Holostik Group has achieved spellbinding success. Right from the beginning, we have focused on a vision powered by innovation, technology, values and sustainability. Our consistent vision has resulted in new milestones across different verticals. For us, the happiness of employees and optimum customer satisfaction is of prime importance and they have been our driving force.

A large number of challenging projects which we have successfully completed on time have boosted our consumer’s trust. This has motivated us to maintain optimum quality standards consistently in our work. Taking a cue from the element of innovation in our vision we launched United Multichem in the year 2008. The diversification plan was also inspired by the fact that there was no convenient platform for Indian companies to procure quality essential oils and aroma chemicals from different countries. We felt the nerve of the market and started United Multichem with the aim to source the best of essential oils and aroma chemicals from different countries and cater the same to Indian market players.

Today, we are providing a wide range of products to the flavour & fragrance, pharmaceutical, ayurvedic and many companies from different sectors. Riding high on our success we have become unrivalled in the import of aroma chemicals and essential oils in North India. We believe we are here to make a significant contribution to the industry and provide a customer-centric product delivery mechanism.