At United Multichem, we invite you to bring your passion, expertise and experiments and find the way to your success. We provide a healthy workplace environment that can help the employees to meet their potential and let them thrive in an atmosphere of excellence. With a broad mindset of possibilities, select the areas that interest you. Come and explore your talent at United Multichem.


Work Culture at United Multichem

The holostik family is the main reason for making Holostik the kind of company it is today.  Hailing from diverse backgrounds and speaking numerous languages, the holostik team is one big family serving clients globally. The company pays special attention to create an atmosphere that cultivates & nurtures respect and care for all. The company emphasizes welfare of all its employees & members of their families.

We have an organizational structure that encourages equitable work culture and promotes professionalism, respect for each other and fosters creativity, innovation, challenges, competitiveness and self-growth. Our offices and infrastructure are designed in a manner which promotes interactions between and across teams. The company makes sure that it recognizes the importance of each and every individual and appreciates their efforts, timely achievements, results etc. We have recognition and rewards programs in place designed to acknowledge the same and reward members that support the organization goals and values.

We care for you; both as an employee and an individual.



Be in-charge of your tasks and perform well. It is rewarding! You are the boss of your work; make sure you are perfect at it. Doing all your tasks considering it your own will make you love it!



There is always something new to learn. Be curious and get the most from your colleagues. There are many things people will learn from you and many you can learn from them. Learning has no boundaries; it has no extent!



You are special the way you are! Your talent and creativity can take you places. You are here because of your expertise. Give that personal touch to whatever you do! It’s just amazing to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change you!



Whatever you do, at the end of the day, you’ll be a winner. A person with better understanding, greater experience and enhanced knowledge! Every experience good or bad makes you learn something valuable for life!


Come work at United Multichem!

We look forward to getting to know you!

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