Can essential oils be used as car air fresheners?

Can essential oils be used as car air fresheners?

9 May 2019

The passenger compartment of every car, SUV, bus or any other four-wheeler becomes a toxic chamber when exposed to the Sun. The interiors of a car are made from different kinds of plastic or faux leather. According to health experts, the plastic interiors emit toxins inside the vehicle which makes it a kind of gas chamber.

When the plastic furnishings of the inside of a car releases harmful toxins in the air it is called “off-gassing”. Brand new cars have around 250 pounds of plastic on an average. Most of these plastics are used in armrests, door panels, steering wheels, dashboards, interior seat cushions and switches.

According to health experts keeping the car interior and air clean is the key to creating a healthier car environment and essential oils can play an important role in this. Moreover, using essential oils as purifiers can reduce bacteria and viruses on car surfaces. Essential oils can be used inside a car to make the environment healthy; they also smell good and give an aromatic high.

Essential oils are powerful, concentrated substances that interact with our brain’s limbic system. When these essential oils are inhaled, they can affect emotions to reduce stress and increase alertness. Different essential oils have different anti-bacterial properties which further kills germs on the surface of the cars. Synthetic air fresheners can cause several problems such as brain damage, cancer and asthma.  Essential oils, on the other hand, can make the car’s interior atmosphere far healthier.

Here are some essential oils which can be used as an air freshener: Balsam fir, basil, cedarwood, coffee, cypress fir needle, frankincense, geranium, pink grapefruit, ho wood, juniper berry, lemon, lemongrass, lime, mandarin, neroli, wild or sweet orange etc. For using these essential oils inside a vehicle, you need to put few drops of the essential oil on a cotton ball and insert it in the car vent or put few drops in a wooden clothespin and clip it on the car air vent.

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